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Kirkland, Washington

Group Treatment

Our center offers group treatment for adults with a variety of issues. Groups meet once a week, and typically consist of 5 to 8 members. Our groups provide a safe and supportive environment in which people can talk about their problems with others who are working to overcome similar issues. The group members are encouraged to share experiences, discuss assignments, and be supportive of each other. Group sessions deal with tackling specific symptoms that have been problematic. Group members discover that trying new more productive coping strategies is often easier with the support of other group members who know just how difficult it is to face one's problems.

An advantage of group treatment is the opportunity to share experiences with others who can relate to your situation. Group members also benefit from giving and receiving feedback from other group members, and sharing with each other what has worked.

Group treatment will help you learn effective methods for dealing with problems, along with other people who are dealing with similar issues. Group treatment provides education about the nature of psychological problems, and uses the cognitive behavioral treatment model. This model focuses on changing thoughts that trigger symptoms like depression and anxiety. Weekly homework assignments are given to practice what has been learned.

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