Relaxation Audio Exercise

Note: The relaxation techniques suggested on this web site are not intended as a substitute for consulting with either a physician or a licensed mental health professional.

You should contact a physician or a licensed mental health professional in respect to symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

These relaxation exercises are easy to learn and implement; and can be remarkably effective in addressing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and similar problems.

Here is a relaxation exercise recorded by Bonnie Lambourn.

This exercise is called the Combination Exercise. This exercise blends several relaxation techniques, which used together can have a synergistic effect in creating a deep relaxation experience.

In this exercise, you will progressively release tension from your major muscle groups; and then will be guided in using deep breathing, affirming statements, and the visualization of a "safe place" to achieve a relaxed state.

The recording is about 15 minutes long. You can listen to either exercise directly from this Web site, or you can download the exercises onto your computer.

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